50 Shades of Rust

Metal Sheds – What does 'galvanised' actually mean?

50 Shades of RustIf you visit areas, including caravan sites, particularly those closer to the sea, you will witness ever changing shades of rusting metal sheds. These sheds were probably originally painted a shade of green (or brown) and/or white but as the weather and the force of the sea salt atmosphere has taken its toll, they are at different stages of oxidation, formed by the redox reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture.

At this time of the year when summer locations are opening, owners are reviewing their storage options, and after this winter of high winds and rain, it is important that they choose the best option.

In many cases metal storage is specified by site management and owners as the only option allowed. This is largely due to flammability issues.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Garden Storage, Sheds, Garages & Workshops

Are most metal sheds offered in the market place 'galvanised'?

Yes they are, but there are different recipes and levels of protection against weather. Purchasers of these sheds must understand what they are buying.

The message here is that most metal sheds are advertised as 'galvanised'. This can be misleading as this description offers the perception that there is some protection against the elements. Indeed, there is for if there is no coating at all, rust would begin to appear in a matter of days!!

These electro-plated sheds are often offered for sale at similar price levels to their hot-dip galvanised competitors but also at bargain prices with a reduced warranty.

High Quality Maintenance Free Robust Outdoor Storage with Manufacturers Warranty

50 Shades of RustThe term 'galvanized', can be the application of zinc coating by the use of a galvanic cell (also known as 'electroplating'), but is more generally understood to include hot-dip zinc coating. The practical difference is that hot-dip galvanization produces a thick, durable and matte grey coating - electroplated coatings tend to be thin and brightly reflective. Due to its thinness, the zinc of electroplated coatings is quickly depleted, making them unsuitable for outdoor applications (except in very dry climates).

The sheds that rust are 'electro-galvanised' and are unfit for their purpose. They can commence rusting within months of assembly. Their major function is for storage but part of their purpose must be to remain attractive and free from visual deterioration for a reasonable period of time.

Such poor quality sheds are marketed and sold by some well known high street retailers and can be viewed in many places on the internet.

They are usually advertised with a 10 year non-rust perforation warranty. However, the evidence of surface rust will appear within a very much shorter time and perforation will follow shortly thereafter. A major internet retailer has recently been advertising these sheds with the same warranty, but for 2 years only!

Dry, Secure, Long Lasting Metal Sheds, Outdoor Buildings, Storage Boxes.

50 Shades of RustSMGARDENSHEDS.COM only offer the best quality in a category. ALL METAL SHEDS ARE MADE FROM HOT DIP GALVANISED STEEL and multi coated paint.

The minimum warranty is 10 years but some of our ranges are offered with a 20 year warranty.

We often visit caravan sites where our sheds are situated and it is interesting to make comparisons.

A CANBERRA shed often looks as good as the day it was installed some five years later.

BUT the electro-galvanised alternative will look very different!

SMGARDENSHEDS.COM offers 2 ranges in the light clad steel category – CANBERRA and EMERALD.

50 Shades of Rust

Each range looks quite different and each offers a variety of models, some of which are similar but the OLYMPIAN GARAGE, WOODSTORE and STORAGE BOXES are areas that are not covered by the Canberra Range.

We also offer our HEAVY DUTY MODELS, made from thicker steel with the appropriate hot-dip galvanised coating.

The BIOHORT ranges provides style and durability.

The Asgard range offers security!

The EASYKIT exhibits secure utility storage!

Secure Steel Garden Sheds for Storage of Lawn Mowers, Bicycles & Electric Tools

50 Shades of RustIt is also often the case that the cheaper form of coating is applied due to the very thin gauge of steel. The hot dip galvanising process actually involves a 'dipping' process. Fine steel cannot take the stresses caused by this procedure. Although all fine gauge steel sheds can never be offered as security buildings, they do have a certain construction, which allows them to stand up to the reasonable stresses and strains of being open to the outside elements. The thinnest gauge metal sheds are so fragile that the steel cladding can be perforated with a sharp knife! Added to this, they rust!!!

It's about VALUE and clearly if you wish to have years of maintenance free and trouble free storage the hot-dip galvanised shed must be the best choice.


Metal Sheds – What does 'galvanised' actually mean? Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Garden Storage, Sheds, Garages & Workshops. High Quality Maintenance Free Robust Outdoor Storage with Manufacturers Warranty. Dry, Secure, Long Lasting Metal Sheds, Outdoor Buildings, Storage Boxes. Secure Steel Garden Sheds for Storage of Lawn Mowers, Bicycles & Electric Tools.

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