It is easy to continue writing about the two new ranges that have been introduced during the last two years, LOTUS metal sheds and LIFETIME plastic sheds.

BUT, we must not forget that the essence of the offer on metal sheds and plastic sheds which makes a specialist website as www.smgardensheds.com so different from many other forums for the sale of garden buildings. 

It is the breadth of ‘genuine’ choice, which allows a customer to scroll with confidence, knowing that each and every product has undergone a rigorous quality inspection before it has been allowed to ‘enter the portal’!

There are varying qualities at different prices but the descriptions are accurate and the accompanying service makes our offer irresistible to the genuine purchaser of storage products.

There are many websites, including those that are now supported by the major supermarket retailers. They have a variety of products that have gone through a ‘selection procedure’ with a department made up of personnel who have generally been working on other products only a short time before. Many of them do not actually see the models they are selecting and all too often the major driving consideration is price. These and other smaller independent websites will accumulate their ranges based upon criteria which may look good, but only on paper.

The metal may be ‘galvanised’ but not with the necessary processes to prevent rusting and it may be capable of being perforated with a sharp knife!! The plastic may be so thin that its major function is applied to other end uses. In the search for diversification, the manufacturer has created a garden shed!
The glossy description to match the illustration makes a good promotion and the job is done!

For us, price is not the king but rather the ‘quality’ attached to that price which promotes value for money for the customer. There remains a basic standard of quality below which we will not entertain. A specialised knowledge is required and our experience over 35 years allows us to make the appropriate decisions. We work with manufacturers to make the product better and only when we are satisfied to offer it for sale will we proceed.Our metal and plastic products are selected by our experienced buying team who know what they are looking for by travelling to exhibitions and to factories properly to identify how our business can move forward by enhancing our offer to our customers. During our travels we very find what we are not looking for! But, some weeks or months later many of these products will appear in the UK market, usually because they are cheaper than most.

The CANBERRA metal range offers the diversity of sizes to the highest quality specifications required in a light clad garden shed. The EMERALD range offers an attractive alternative in green and anthracite colour combinations, including the Olympian garage. The BIOHORT range provides the luxury end of the metal storage shed combining the best quality available combined with an unrivalled design and style. The ASGARD range offers strength and security.

The DURAMAX vinyl range remains a ‘good basic’ storage option, particularly in the smaller buildings. It has, more recently, been supplemented with the better quality WOODSIDE options all of which include floors or foundation kits. 

Our selection of timber structures remains the best value in the UK market. We have maintained a very close connection with our source in Europe who ensures that all timber is correctly sourced. All models are generous in their specification and they meet all requirements for certification. 

We remain a traditional but resourceful ‘safe pair of hands’. We are completely conscious that this is usually a considered purchase in a higher price ticket category. The acquisition of a garden shed is usually made as a combination of a requirement for a storage facility for tools and similar items in a garden or outside storage area as well as seeking pleasure and satisfaction. It can be a sensitive issue. Equally, those of our models which are suitable for an industrial use require the same high standards. 

The trust placed in us is taken extremely seriously.We are always happy to provide advice as to which of our extensive range is best for a customer’s use. You can contact us by telephone or email.

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