Best Value for Money Timber / Wooden Garden Sheds

Timber ShedsSM Garden Sheds is introducing a fully comprehensive timber shed range including sheds, workshops and garages.

In line with our policy of sourcing Best Value product, we do not suggest that we are the cheapest in the market place, instead our aim is to give our customers the best value for money deals.

Our timber shed range is made in UK by a traditional and highly experienced manufacturer who employs the best qualified and experienced people, using the most up to date and safe equipment. They are constantly reviewing working methods and procedures as they strive to achieve even greater customer value.

We supply an informative instruction manual to assist you with the building and maintenance of your timber shed, which will provide you with many years of pleasure, utility and satisfaction.

Log Cabins & Timber Workshops

The garden shed is again becoming a bastion of English outdoor culture. Many people, both men and women, can spend more time working from home. In the summer months, particularly, they spend more time in their gardens than in their cars or on trains. Many people also use their garden sheds as meeting points for members of the local community to discuss the topics of the day and our timber shed range will also extend to log cabins and home offices.

Timber Garden Sheds – Important Quality Information

As with metal sheds, Timber Sheds can be made from a variety of grades of materials. The larger retailers in particular feel the pressure to offer the ‘cheapest shed on the market’. As a result, many of the timber shed ranges that they offer are made from inferior timber, as well as providing less substantial cladding.

The SM Garden Sheds timber shed models are produced in 3 different types of timber:

  • Basic Overlap
  • Ship Lap
  • Log Lap

Customers should beware of cheap imitations which are supplied by many large stores and websites.

Our Overlap Sheds

SM Garden Sheds’ Overlap Sheds are built using only the highest quality timber. The cladding is high grade 9mm finish overlap. There are no rough edges and the timber is not milled to a paper thin finish. Our models feature thick, solid, butt-jointed timber boards in the floor and roof sections. Importantly, our Overlap Timber Sheds contains no cheap sheet materials such as OSB or chipboard – you should beware of sheds that use single piece OSB /chipboard roofs that offer little protection in the areas where you need it most.

Our Ship Lap Timber Sheds 

SM Sheds’ Ship Lap timber cladding is a high grade, 12mm finish, shiplap tongue and groove cladding – beware of ship lap sheds that feature poorly finished rough edged boards, milled out of inferior timber and are often a thinner finish.

Our Ship Lap Timber Sheds feature heavyweight ‘rounded 4 corner’ 28x44mm finish framework throughout, giving it superior strength. This shed has a thick tongue and grooved floorboard in the floor and roof sections and contains no cheap sheet materials such as OSB or chipboard. As with Overlap Sheds, you should beware of shiplap sheds that use single piece OSB / chipboard roofs, offering little protection in the areas which are critical.

Our Log Board Sheds

SM Garden Sheds’ Log Board Sheds are clad with high grade 15mm finish log board tongue and groove cladding. All models made from this category of timber are designed with an equally heavy frame. Many cheaper competitors use rough sawn ‘matchstick thin’ framework that barely holds the building together. Again, all SM Garden Sheds’ models also feature thick tongue and grooved floorboard in the floor and roof. Many of the models made in this category are also designed to give extra height.

Our timber products are supplied with a manufacturer’s base undercoat which gives customers time to establish what final colour and finish they require without worrying about deterioration of the shed.

Our timber shed roof is covered with a high grade mineral felt.

Wheelie Bin Covers

Included in the SM Garden Sheds’ timber shed range is the single/double/triple ‘wheelie’ bin cover – housing those ugly waste bins which have become a feature of our lives. Accessibility is easy and the use of this particular structure will make was an ugly space far more presentable, or even attractive!

Of course, the traditional garden shed is perceived as being made from timber, which is generally more pleasing to the eye and sits in a garden environment more comfortably than those made from man made materials.

Our own Patheon Double Bin Store is a very popular brand. The Pantheon Double Wheelie Bin Store is ideal for hiding your bins from view in the garden. The storage bin has individually lifting lids, which can be opened for easy access to the bins for depositing rubbish.

Timber Garden Sheds - Maintenance

For those who like tending their garden, the maintenance required for a timber shed is minimal. An annual coating of a water-based protective product is all that is required and the shed will serve for many years. Roof felt may need treatment after a number of years depending upon local weather conditions.

Most of our timber shed models include a generous area of windows, making the experience of using the shed as an accessory to your gardening and storage requirements far more pleasurable.

SM Garden Sheds has established a reputation of quality, value and reliability for its metal sheds and plastic sheds. This range of timber sheds will extend and endorse this reputation.

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