Comprehensive Range of Steel Reinforced Plastic Sheds, Garages & Workshops

Plastic sheds have come a long way since the first days of production, and have evolved into extremely desirable and multifunctional garden additions. When it comes to garden storage, we at SM Garden Sheds, are dedicated to finding the right product to meet each customers needs, and we find that UPVC ticks most boxes. The early versions of plastic shed, similar to more recent low quality brands were prone to deterioration caused by factors like exposure to the elements. This would result in brittle surfaces leading to cracks, and also gave rise to colour fading.

The emergence of modern materials and production methods, has ensured that the plastic sheds, garages, workshops and outdoor storage boxes we offer do not suffer from these types of problem. Superior outdoor storage products are carefully chosen by us for their exceptional quality and long term performance. Our range of light clad or heavy duty plastic sheds from names like Lifetime, and Saffron are practical, maintenance free and will enhance any garden with their stylish designs and colours.

Heavy Duty, High-Density, Polyethylene UPVC Outdoor Storage Buildings

Plastic sheds such as the 7x7 heavy duty UPVC shed from LIFETIME are manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and have a tough, powder coated steel inner reinforcement. This smaller garden storage building is perfect for a variety of storage needs, and will house tools, electrical equipment, building materials and garden furniture. Other benefits include resistance to insect infestation, were timber sheds can attract wood eating pests, not many of our smaller friends enjoy a diet of plastic! LIFETIME sheds are difficult to chip or scratch, and come in handy kit form with user friendly assembly instructions. They are ideal for any environment as they are unaffected by water, UV rays and extremes of heat and cold.

These vinyl outdoor buildings are economical, and allow you to organise your equipment ready for any outdoor projects you wish to embark on. LIFETIME garden buildings are robust and lockable giving you peace of mind when storing your lawnmower, bicycle or other valuable items. LIFETIME sheds have steeply pitched roofs for efficient drainage of rain and snow. Some of these plastic sheds are extendible, so discovering you actually need a larger structure is not a problem.

Maintenance Free, Washable, Weatherproof, Quality Vinyl Sheds & Garden Storage

You wont need to varnish, paint or treat your plastic shed in any way for it to remain in its original state, and cleaning couldn’t be easier using gentle, everyday household products. SM Garden Sheds have been supplying popular SAFFRON sheds, garages and workshops for many years, and as with LIFETIME, these are also available in a huge selection of sizes and specifications. Moulded PVC walls in a handsome shiplap design make these sheds as attractive as they are durable. SAFFRON Vinyl Buildings are simple to construct too, helped by pre cut, drilled and numbered parts

Rust and maintenance free, SAFRRON sheds like our 5ft fronted models, are the highest specification lightweight garden sheds around. They have steel reinforcement and a 10 years warranty period. Other benefits of these outdoor storage solutions include high quality pad-lockable hinge doors, integral floors, skylights and vents for improved airflow The 5x3 littlehut has a 'tardis like' ability to accommodate all kinds of items while appearing compact and non imposing.


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Comprehensive Range of Steel Reinforced Plastic Sheds, Garages & Workshops, Heavy Duty, High-Density, Polyethylene UPVC Outdoor Storage Buildings. Maintenance Free, Washable, Weatherproof, Quality Vinyl Sheds & Garden Storage. Multi-Functional Fire Retardant, Robust Plastic Sheds, Saffron Vinyl Sheds, Lifetime Plastic Sheds

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