High Quality Asgard Metal Garden Sheds for Bike & Equipment Storage

When choosing a new metal shed it is always a wise decision to opt for the best quality you can find as there are many advantages over inferior quality metal sheds. Cheaper metal sheds tend to be constructed using thin steel, less robust locking systems and weaker joints. Asgard locking systems are precisely engineered and are tried and tested by locksmiths.

Customer feedback is incredibly positive regarding the Asgard range of sheds. Sheds that contain all of the features needed in a tough garden storage product, and that will go the distance. Asgard manufacture some of the best accredited, superior quality products in the industry such as the Asgard Trojan. The Asgard High Security Garden Shed, was featured on the Alan Titchmarsh show. Comments such as, "Hefty", "... and you can put your bike in" and "Sturdy bit of kit", "Really worth considering", were used about the sheds.


 Weather Proof Polyester Coating & Air Vents

Thick durable steel is coated both inside and out, with a weather proof polyester paint for increased protection against the elements. All door joints are silicone sealed and when professionally installed, customers may opt to have all other joints [including internal] silicone sealed.

Asgard metal sheds are designed with an integral rain guard keeping rain from penetrating the joints. There are also a series of vents hiddenin the underside of the roof, this reduces any incidence of condensation. These storage buildings range by Asgard are recommended by the industry press as examples of engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Ease of Assembly & Integral Metal Bases

Customers tell us that Asgard metal sheds are simple to assemble and you cannot help but be aware of the quality and weight of each clearly labelled piece. There are no sharp edges and all screw holes line up perfectly, which is not always the case with cheaper brands.

A good solid foundation is required to anchor the Asgard shed onto, which will ensure smooth opening of doors etc. There are usually some levelling blocks included in the assembly bag to assist with this. The sheds have a sturdy metal base which contain corner fixing points to bolt the unit to the floor, enabling a securely rooted product. All side panels link to the base internally  and this is just one of the many features that separate Asgard sheds from the rest.

High Performance Secure Anti-Pick Locking Systems

Screws and fixings are all inside the unit with no outside access, resulting in an extremely tough and secure product. Features like this are coupled with the integral drill and pick resistant locking system, approved by the UK Locksmiths Association. Burglars will recognise the resilience of this product at first glance, and usually move on to a more burglar friendly type of shed. Asgard sheds are used by schools and colleges to store valuable sports equipment. Many local authorities use Asgard storage products and Asgard have been involved  in securing many Government contracts.

An incredibly useful aspect of the Asgard range of sheds is the ability to unlock the shed from the inside avoiding any chance of children becoming locked inside for instance. A lock and bolt system on the inside, gives this shed no less than three reinforced locking points. Customers noted that it may be helpful to have another pair of hands during assembly, and an electric screwdriver as there are quite a lot of screws.


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