Multi-use Garages, Workshops & Outdoor Buildings

Before the industrial era, a workshop was the main place of production and usually provided the space, tools and machinery needed. Once industrialisation took place purpose built factories took on the job with the resulting increased output or mass production. Recently the 'workshop' is undergoing something of a revolution or rebirth as more and more homeowners turn their hand to DIY. Extra rooms are being created within homes which can be used as workshops, where home maintenance or hobbies can be carried out.
With the durability, weather resistance and superior security of modern cars, there is less need to lock them away in a garage. This frees up the garage which can be utilised in other ways, such as outdoor storage or workshops. Tools racks, drawers and cupboards can be fitted along with placement of workbenches and tables.

Maintenance Free Garden Storage introduced garages and workshops into the garden shed range many years ago. We identified a requirement for maintenance free storage options that require no extensive planning permission and which are quick and easy to install. It is important that the build quality of these larger buildings does more than merely make them into large sheds. The structure must be properly researched and developed as the walls are often taller and the roof expanse is longer and wider. The buildings require meticulous engineering to ensure stability and durability throughout the life of the guarantee, and well beyond.
The snow-loading measurements and strong wind resistance tests are of critical importance, as we now experience greater extremes in our weather. As demand for larger timber buildings diminishes, we are continuously investigating the market for garages and workshops made from other materials. With our experience and expertise, we can assess the suitability and potential durability of most products on the market.

Wide Range of Outdoor Storage, Garages, Sheds & Workshops.


The choice available from the smgardensheds range is wide. If advice is required as to which building to choose, the sales and service department will be happy to talk you through the options to allow customers to arrive at an appropriate answer for them with full confidence that they are dealing with experts on the product.
Many more customers who purchase the larger buildings, also take advantage of our expert installation service. We can advise on the preparation of the area where the building will be situated. An after sales service department can also provide continuing assistance in the case of damage or other problems to complete an expert and highly professional service.

Metal Garages, Workshops & Outdoor Buildings

The Canberra Workshop and Canberra Garage are the ideal metal buildings to suit many needs. Each model includes all the attributes of the Canberra build quality, 0.3mm hot-dipped galvanised painted steel mist green wall panels, mid-wall bracing and 2m wall height and ventilated gables. The garage includes the standard door configuration, two hinged doors at the front end with a courtesy rear side door. Both models are 10 feet in width. The workshop allows the doors, double and single, to be placed on the side allowing for more convenient access for those who specifically have this requirement.
The design and build of these structures is similar to the Canberra sheds but with extra strengthening to compensate for the size. It is estimated that 2 people will be able to erect such a building in 1 day. While there may be similar looking buildings available, none have the strength and generally high specification and durability and no other steel buildings come with the flexibility of choice of 10x15, 10x17 and 10x19.

The Emerald Olympian

This garage provides a 12 foot fronted building with an up and over front sliding door and rear side courtesy door. The building includes a highly engineered and very strong portal framed option allowing the structure to be extended in 6 foot modular extensions, commencing at 12x20, extending to 12x38 and beyond. The wall height is a generous 2.10 metres. We have supplied buildings up to 50 feet long by adding the extensions required. If there is a requirement for a size longer than 12x38, just call and we will provide a delivered price quotation within minutes.

The hot-dipped galvanised steel structure and powder coated panelled walls produce a building of both style and substance.

The Duramax Vinyl Garage

This10 foot fronted, steel framed, vinyl/PVC clad building includes a foundation kit and window as standard equipment. Ramps are also provided. This building can be extended by adding 2 foot modular extensions. The door configuration allows for easy access through large double doors at the front with a side access door. The light cream finish of the PVC walls provides an attractive looking building, which will require minimum maintenance.
All products supplied by SM Garden Sheds are of extremely high quality at discounted prices and our staff are always glad to help. Call us on 0845 601 6299


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