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Sidemate 4x8 Plastic Shed (including Foundation Kit)

Good Product

I bought this several weeks ago. It took 2 of us 4 or 5 hours to put together and we needed a few things that weren't included in the pack. Eg You need silicone to seal all of the joints and bolt holes etc, as well as needing specially sized wooden panels to put in the base. A few weeks on though we are very happy with the additional storage space that this has provided and, despite is having been very wet and windy since putting it up, we have had no issues with leaks,etc

Woodside 4'x 5' 5" Plastic Shed (Includes Integral Plastic Floor & Window)


This shed looks great when erected. I took my time with it and followed the instructions to the letter. Had no real problems but as a builder I shouldn't have. The modest DIYer should have no problems either. Just remember to make use you have a level base and leave some space to get behind it, rather than put it up against a fence. Best done with a little help. The only gripe I would have is that the door security is pretty rubbish though you need to remember its a plastic shed and not a brick one and you have to be fairly innovative with shelving as there aren't any real fixing points for brackets. Standalone shelving is a good idea.

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