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Wheelie Bin Stores - Timber, Plastic and Metal SM GARDEN SHEDS has them all

SM GARDDEN SHEDS  provides high quality wooden wheelie bin stores,  metal wheelie bin stores and plastic vinyl wheelie bin stores perfect for hiding untidy wheelie bins and  recycling boxes.

A wheelie bin store will keep your bins cool in summer and have ventilation slats – to allow nasty niffs to escape. Available made from either metal, plastic or timber.

For transport, our timber wooden wheelie bin stores generally arrive flat packed and so will need some assembly and can be painted with a wood care paint.

Our plastic vinyl wheelie bin stores and metal wheelie bin stores will arrive also flat packed and will need assembly. 

  1. Metal WheelieBin Stores
  2. Plastic Vinyl Wheelie Bin Stores
  3. Wooden Wheelie Bin Stores 

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Redwood Triple Wheelie Bin Store - 140, 180, 240, 360 Litre

Good Product

Excellent product could be a quicker delivery time.

Redwood Double Wheelie Bin Store - 140, 180, 240, 360 Litre

Great Solid Product

Very easy to assemble and fit hardware good quality product.

Redwood Triple Wheelie Bin Store - 140, 180, 240, 360 Litre

Triple Wheelie Bin Store 240

Absolutely brilliant... Everyone is commenting on them saying how fabulous they look... My 15 year old son painted them the same colour as our windows and doors.. so they just blend in beautifully... no more unsightly bins.. they are out the front by the side of our house, in a little garden area, which now looks totally transformed...

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