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Lotus Cushion Storage Box 5' x 3' Heritage Green

Big Storage Box For The Garden

If you want it all in one place then this big box is the answer. You need to be patient to put it all together, but the instructions are clear enough. needs 2 people to lift it in to position would certainly recommend this product for all that patio furniture, cushions, hammock, BBX, charcoal etc etc

Lifetime 6' x 3.5' Heavy Duty Horizontal Storage Plastic Shed

Brilliant Solution

I had a 6' by 9' garden shed that was rotting away, so I needed to replace it with something. Having had a look at what was actually being stored in the shed, I decided to have a clear out and soon realised that once all the junk was out, everything would go into a much smaller area. I checked around to see the best solution and decided to go with the Lifetime 6"x 3.5' storage unit. The quality is superb, it fitted together very easily, it needs 2 people to put it together, when done, it looks very neat and frees up an awful lot of space in a relatively small garden. SM Garden sheds price was the most competitive I found and their delivery service was excellent. I can highly recommend the Lifetime unit and SM Garden sheds.

Asgard Metal Security Shed - Trojan - 7x3

Trojan 7x3

The shed is very sturdy and was simple to put together.

Asgard Metal Security Shed - Annexe Bike Store - 6' x 3'

Asgard Metal Security Shed 6' X 3'

A good quality product which performs it's function as advertised. Good quality lock means security is strong. Very disappointed with the delivery charge from Asgard of £200 to the North of Scotland which means I paid more for this than the excellent Takubo shed which is bigger and of far superior quality.

Takubo Prestige Yokohama 6' x 5' Metal Shed (complete with integral floor)

Takubo Prestige Yokohama 6' X 5'

Delighted with this product. Great fun to assemble - everything slotted into place perfectly (although take care with the instructions as they are not always totally clear). The quality of the materials is excellent. I was amazed at how much stuff goes into this shed considering its relatively small size. We had to pay a delivery charge of £50 to the North of Scotland but it was well worth it.

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