High Quality Metal & Plastic Garden Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings

The internet has created a monster – THE PRICE MONSTER. Customers now search the Internet for the best price on everything they wish to purchase, and so they should. Many who wish to buy a garden shed of any description will begin their search with the product they are searching for, quickly followed by the price, as a foremost concern on their mind. Now, at the press of a button you can parade all the shop windows in front of you and compare prices. If you miss one, you can visit sites that continue this quest for the cheapest by comparing all the sites with sophisticated search.

As in days gone by, mail order catalogues very often deceived with a glossy photograph flattering the product to the point of misleading. Now it is the same with the internet.

Metal Garden Sheds, Garages, Plastic Workshops & Outdoor Storage

But, more sophisticated websites will include videos, assembly instructions and links to other features which allow the product to come more alive. As with the mail order catalogues, customers are entitled to return, so with the Distance Selling Regulations, for a relatively small cost a customer may return a product if it can be re-sold as new. With quality products, the likelihood of the customer wishing to return it is reduced, as the disappointment factor on receipt diminishes.

What has happened to the search for quality and value? As the recent recession has reminded us all, we must remain prudent. BUT, clearly QUALITY and VALUE are still very much in the mind of many as the announcement of Entrepreneur of the Year, Victoria Beckham, clearly illustrates. The turnover of her brand has increased by 30 times in five years to £30m with a flagship store in the heart of Mayfair. She now can be taken seriously as an accomplished businesswoman supplying brand quality and value.

Comprehensive Range of Maintenance Free Garden Storage Buildings

At smgardensheds.com we want our customers to experience a purchase which is gratifying, or even exciting, fully satisfied that they have made a quality purchase in whichever category they feel comfortable.

In our expansive R&D section, we have assembled endless product samples that we have examined but which do not make the grade into our range. There is a lot of sub-quality merchandise out there waiting to entice unsuspecting members of the public to buy. Manufacturers who do not succeed with us, often do elsewhere, where retailers use a pretty picture to launch potential disappointment and hassle!

Please examine what we offer and understand why smgardensheds.com, in both categories of metal sheds and plastic sheds, can boast particular and exceptional quality and value.

LOTUS - Our Newly Introduced Entry-Level Light Clad Metal Shed.

We have been able to achieve an incredible offer here with the undisputed top quality light clad metal shed, from the best quality components, including design innovation. It brings a range of sheds in this traditional category up to date, resulting in significantly reduced assembly times and greater strength and durability. AND there are more models in the pipeline to be announced very shortly!



Reinforced Plastic Sheds & Outdoor Storage Boxes at Competitive Prices

LIFETIME – This top of the range double skinned, steel reinforced plastic range of storage products offers a complete solution with an integral floor and powder coated metal parts that act as reinforcements to the whole structure. This range oozes quality from the smallest storage box to the largest building. The innovation and attention to detail are features that are obvious during assembly and evident once completed.


The StoreMax and Leisure Box are sold to many dwellers in the inner cities who have bicycles and other requirements for storage. These products enhance the appearance of any patio or terrace as well as providing security for valuable items. These are just three of the ranges we have to offer but the quality ranges also extend to other products from ASGARD, SWALLOW, ELITE and many more.

The moral of the story?

Don’t be fooled by pretty pictures and those who fearlessly undercut. You get what you pay for!!

High Quality Metal & Plastic Garden Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings, Metal Garden Sheds, Garages, Plastic Workshops & Outdoor Storage. Comprehensive Range of Maintenance Free Garden Storage Buildings. LOTUS Light Clad Metal Shed. LIFETIME Reinforced Plastic Sheds & Outdoor Storage Boxes at Competitive Prices

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