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Quality Metal, Timber and Plastic Garden Storage Solutions at Discount Prices

At SM Garden Sheds we try to meet every customer’s individual requirements. This is why we not only offer the traditional wooden/timber shed, we offer metal sheds and plastic sheds as well. From our vast experience in metal buildings we know that metal sheds should only be manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel. Plastic sheds will be supplied with or without a metal strengthening framework. Both Metal sheds and Plastic sheds are usually supplied in kit form and at SM Garden Sheds we can offer an installation service to build your product for you. Timber sheds may be supplied from standard or pressure treated timber like our range of garden Arbours. These products are supplied part built in panel form.


All 3 product ranges are available in standard or heavy duty material and serve a multitude of different end uses from metal  and timber cushion storge boxes, bike storageworkshops, general outdoor garden storage to larger garages and workshops.


SM Garden sheds has a great range of outdoor children garden play equipment.  Shop for playground equipment, swingsslides and see-saws from the leading brands in the industry.


Strong,versatile shelving units ideal for large loads are now available. Quick, easy and boltless assembly ideal for garage sheds, offices, workshops and at home.


Whether you just want to relax in the sun with a good book or invite friends and family around for a BBQ, we have all the garden furniture you need to make it  memorable. We have extended our garden furniture range to now feature Garden Lounge Furniture,  Timber Benches, Cast Iron Benches, and even the kids can have there own Children Benches.  Why not take a look at our new garden dining furniture, bistro sets, cookers and ovens, chimneas, fire balls and even patio heaters we have everything you need for your garden.


Browse our Metal, Plastic & Timber Garden Storage Sheds and Products





Metal Garden Storage Sheds - Top Ten Best Sellers


If you need some help in selecting the right garden storage shed for you, here are our ten best selling metal sheds:

LOTUS 5x3 Pent Roof Shed - Perfect for smaller storage space at a budget price. Smaller shed with the advantage of the same wall height as other models.

LOTUS 6x4 Pent Roof Shed - Practically designed storage shed with a sloping roof which allows water to drain away from door opening. The only Pent Roof sheds on the market with ventilated gables.

LOTUS 8x6 Apex Roof Shed - Extremely popular shed size covering many different kinds of storage requirement. 

CANBERRA 5x3 Utility Metal Shed- Back by popular demand a flat roofed shed           at an excllent price.

CANBERRA 6x3 Utility Metal Shed - The larger flat roof shed brought back by     popular demand.  A hard wearing, secure utility metal shed.

LOTUS 8x4 Pent Roof Shed- All the benefits of a pent roof shed with wider opening sliding doors.

LOTUS 10x8 Apex Roof Shed - Generously sized storage building. May be used as a small workshop.

CANBERRA 12x20 Olympian Garage– Best value 12’ fronted garage available. Portal frames allow for easy and effective extension.

CANBERRA Apex Roof Garages & Workshops - Unique models from Canberra range. 2 metre high walls with assorted lengths provide every conceivable option for a 10’ fronted metal building, establishing the best value.

LOTUS 6x4 Low Pent Roof Shed – All the benefits of a standard pent roof shed able to fit in areas of restricted height. Ideal for caravan sites.


Plastic Garden Storage Sheds & Boxes - Top Ten Best Sellers


If you are seeking guidance in selecting the right plastic garden storage option for you, here are our ten best selling plastic garden storage sheds & boxes:


LIFETIME 8x7.5 SPECIAL EDITION APEX SHED A refreshed look for 2017 this heavy duty shed features new accessories included in the price.

LIFETIME 8x10 SPECIAL EDITION APEX SHED - With a brand new trimmed edge look. Introudced in 2017 and features new accessories included in the price.

DURAMAX 5x3 Little Hut - Economical storage space, complete with a floor.

DURAMAX 10x8 Woodbridge Apex Roof Shed – Small and practical workshop space.

LIFETIME 500 Litre Plastic Outdoor Storage Box ideal for garden furniture cushions or kids toys. This is without doubt the highest quality plastic shed available today.

LIFETIME 6x3.5 Horitzontal Storage Shed - curved roof garden storage unit, manufactured from high-density polyethylene. An attractive addition to your garden

DURAMAX 10x13 Woodbridge Apex Roof Shed - A more spacious vinyl shed option in the Woodbridge range.                                                                                           

LIFETIME 15x8 APEX SHED- Remarkable heavy duty large, stylish size apex roof shed with integral floor. Single and Double entrance.

LIFETIME 7x7 APEX SHED- Steel reinforced shed with integral floor.

DURAMAX 8x8 Duramate Apex Roof Shed – 2’ extension to the most popular plastic garden shed model.

Heavy Duty Metal Garden Sheds & Storage -Top Ten Best Sellers


BIOHORT Leisure Box 130 - Storage box which can be used as a seat, made from top grade, hand pressed steel. A best selling storage box, combining quality and value in 4 colours.

BIOHORT Storemax 190 - A unique, stylish and superior storage product ideal for secure storage.
Aluminium moving shutter opening mechanism provides an attractive and effective lockable structure.

BIOHORT Europa Steel Apex Shed, Size 3 (8x5) - The best quality and most stylish apex roof garden shed in the market. Part of an extensive range of 9 sizes, providing functional and secure storage with a standard inclusive range of accessories in 4 colour options.

TAKUBO Prestige Storage Cabinet – Providing a secure and stylish outdoor garden storage solution.

BIOHORT Avant Garde Pent Roof Building - Flagship model of the heavy duty garden building range, providing superb quality and styling, including standard accessories. Highly secure locking mechanism.

BIOHORT Equipment Locker - Supplied with a standard tool rack, this model ranks as the most desirable outdoor tool storage facility available in the market.

BIOHORT Mini Garage - Introduced in 2017 is the ultimate storage solution for 2 bikes or gardening tools and furniture.

TAKUBO Prestige Osaka STORAGE SHED - Most recent inclusion in the heavy duty shed range, providing a ‘top of the range’ easy to build, secure, sylish outside store room. Integral floor, absorbent roof wadding to reduce condensation, contribute to this great value model.


BIOHORT Leisure Box 180 - The largest of leisure boxes provides top a quality storage box/bench option which is a smart outside, patio and garden secure seating option.

BIOHORT Storemax 120 - The smallest size Storemax is a smart piece of furniture for a terrace or veranda as well as providing a useful storage facility.


Timber Arbours, & Gazebos –Top Ten Best Sellers


CASSANDRA ARBOUR - Specially designed to bring a low cost arbour option for an adult couple to sit comfortably.

ATLAS ARCH - Substantial garden arch, ideal for separating 2 areas of garden.

SHIRE ROSE ARBOUR -  An attractive bench-seated arbour, complete with diamond trellis side and rear panels.

SHIRE CLEMATIS CORNER ARBOUR - Perfect for a sheltered corner of the garden and can seat up to four people with ease.

SHIRE GAZEBO SUMMERHOUSE - Beautiful feature in any garden manufactured from high quality FSC Certified shiplap timber


PICNIC TABLE - Best value picnic in the market.

SHIRE CORNER ARBOUR - Treated shiplap timber structure providing charming and comforting outside seating.                                    

COMBINATION BIN STORES- The perfect small garden building to house your wheelie bins!

SHIRE 2x2 SHIPLAP GARDEN STORE – An economical, useful and attractive storage aid.

NORLOG TREE SEAT - Perfect addition to any garden with a tree which you'd love to sit beneath.


Heavy Duty Shelving –Top Ten Best Sellers


GLOBEL Heavy Duty Boltless 5 Tier Shelving Unit designed with versatility, durability and great value in mind.  These shelves are a great way in creating storage space in a garage, office or at home to support heavy weight items. 


GLOBEL Nevada Combo Shelving Kit - The ultimate in shelving systems the Globel Nevada Combo Shelving Kit has been designed for the safe storage of tools, cleaning materials, screws, fixings and all other typical garage or workshop components.                                          

GLOBEL Heavy Duty Boltless 4 Tier Shelving Unit  -  Modern in design and straight forward to assemble, this quality galvanised shelving unit is the perfect complement to any smaller area.


GLOBEL Heavy Duty Industrial Racking Unit Premium-grade steel frame with powder-coated finish.  A very strong boltless 4 tier shelving unit. 


GLOBEL Heavy Duty Half Cupboard Storage Unit   - Reinforced steel double doors mounted on full length semi-concealed hinges. Modern in design and straight forward to assemble.

GLOBEL Heavy Duty Tall Cupboard Unit - The tall cupboard storage unit is designed without nuts and bolts making assembly and adjustment unit a simple process


GLOBEL ELITE Heavy Duty Boltless 5 Tier Shelving UnitThanks to an intelligently designed keyhole locking system, constructing the racking is extremely quick and easy..                                                                                                                                                              

GLOBEL ELITE Extra Wide Heavy Duty Boltless 5 Tier Shelving Unit  - These boltless shelves are ideal for the novice DIY-er as only a rubber mallet is needed to build this unit.

Children Play Equipment  –Top Ten Best Sellers


LIFETIME DOME CLIMBER- PRIMARY COLOUR will provide an active, healthy way for your child to play outdoors. In a geometric shape with real rock climbing hand grips, this fantastic climber helps children develop growing muscles and coordination skills.  


LIFETIME SPEED SHIFT BASKETBALL -includes a Slam-It® Rim with an all-weather nylon net and a 3 diameter round steel pole. A portable basketball system.             


JUNGLE GYM PEAK (swing and slide) -  This playset will provide your little one with hours of exciting playtime in the fresh air. High quality, especially designed for children everything your child needs for fun in the sun!


SHIRE WIGWAM-  great for inventive role play, such as cowboys and indians.Kids love this wigwam playhouse for all their garden battles. It's great for inspiring their imaginative play and getting them outdoors into the fresh air.


LIFETIME ACE FLYER TEETER-TOTTER SEESAW   - can seat up to seven kids at once and provides up-and-down, side-to-side see-saw action.Whether you are flying in the cockpit or teetering on top of the wings, everyone has an enjoyable adventure flying the Ace Flyer.

HYLAND PROFESSIONAL SWING SEAT SET - Professional wooden park swing set, ideal for restaurants, nurseries, schools, hotels and larger gardens. Constructed out of solid materials with chain swings and HDPE-seats.


LIFETIME POWER LIFT BASKETBALL - Highly impact resistant board with steel frame Steel-Framed Shatter-Proof ncludes a Slam-It® rim with an all-weather nylon net and a 3.5" diameter round steel pole.                                                                                                                                                              

JUNGLE GYM PALACE WITH SLIDE - has a royal feel to it and is packed full of features which will delight your prince or princess.This kids climbing frame is ideal for larger families or for children who like having their friends over to play.

Garden Furniture  –Top Ten Best Sellers


GARDECO PIZZARO CHIMALAIN AFC PIZZA OVEN - Make authentic Italian tasty pizza in this innovative pizza oven. Made from fire proof clay.                                                                                                                                              

BRUNDLE GARDENER MOSAIC BISTRO SET -the popular bistro set designed with a broken tile inlaid.     


GARDECO VIOLETTA FIRE BOWL FURNITURE SET -  This relaxing and comfortable outdoor garden furniture set comes complete with BBQ grill and mesh guard


BRUNDLE GARDENER - PARCEL DROP BOX -  no longer do you have to wait in for a delivery with our Parcel Drop Box comes with a coded lock for security.


BRUNDLE GARDENER WOODEN STORAGE BOX   - space saving garden bench has been designed with a built in storage compartment.

GARDECO LARGE INCINERATOR METAL BIN - designed for burning large amounts of garden rubbish faster and better and offer a more stylish look than bin-style incinerators.


BRUNDLE GARDENER- HELICOPTER SWING SEAT uniquely styled helicopter hanging chair will look fabulous in any garden centre display


AMESTI NORDIC 360 WOOD BURNING STOVE  - designed to agreeably fit any room, with smooth slightly curved design and underneath log storage.


BRUNDLE GARDENER - FLOOR STANDING HEATER - high quality halogen heating floor standing lamp provides you with instant heat where and when you need it.


BRUNDLE GARDENER 3 PIECE RATTAN SET- The two seater rattan set represents unbelievable value! Beautifully designed in stylish brown faux rattan material, which is completely weatherproof.


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